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Opportunity Knocks:

India's automotive sector is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, with over 34 crore registered vehicles dominating our roads. Each year witnesses an influx of approximately 2 crore new vehicles, propelling India to become the fifth-largest auto market globally in 2020. As the nation gears up for significant growth, projections estimate a staggering 315 million on-road vehicles by 2030. The road ahead is paved with opportunities, and the time to seize them is now.

The Automotive Landscape:

In response to the Supreme Court's directives, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) has taken significant steps to enhance compliance with Pollution Under Control (PUC) certification. The conversion of offline PUC centres to online, completed nationwide in 2019, is a testament to the government's commitment. A recent communication from MORTH, dated July 22, 2021, urges state transport departments to mandate PUC centres at all fuel stations, further fortifying the drive for vehicular pollution control.

Why Start Early:

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey in the automobile sector can be the key to unlocking your dreams. The START EARLY campaign encourages young minds to take the wheel of their destiny early on. By starting your venture sooner, you not only align with industry growth but also set the wheels in motion for achieving your life goals well within time.

Key Features of START EARLY Program:

  • Up to 95% Funding: We understand the financial challenges that budding entrepreneurs face. To catalyse your dreams, we offer up to 95% funding on the total startup investment, ensuring you have the financial backing needed to kickstart your venture.
  • Up to 35% Subsidy: Lighten the financial load with our generous subsidy program, offering up to 35% subsidy on the funded amount. This enables you to focus on building and growing your business without being burdened by excessive financial constraints.
  • Supreme Court and Government Compliance: Our initiative adheres to the directives of the Supreme Court and aligns with the guidelines set by the Government of India. This ensures not only legal compliance but also the endorsement of your venture by the highest authorities.

Key Drivers to This Business:

  • Implementation of PUC Certification in Vahan Portal: Streamlining the PUC certification process through the Vahan Portal ensures efficiency and ease of compliance.
  • Direct Intervention of Supreme Court: The Supreme Court's involvement lends credibility and authority to our initiative, emphasizing the importance of environmental responsibility.
  • Heavy Fines on Non-Compliance: Stringent fines via eCHALLAN for non-compliance with PUC norms act as a deterrent, ensuring businesses prioritize environmental responsibility.
  • Compliance for MORTH Notification: Our program emphasizes adherence to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) notification, positioning your venture within the legal framework.
  • Government's Focused Initiatives: Aligned with the government's initiatives to address vehicular pollution, our campaign ensures your contribution to a cleaner and sustainable future.

Target Audience:

Our campaign is tailored for Indian domiciles, aged 18 and above, with educational qualifications ranging from 10+2 to a degree or diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. Join us as we accelerate towards a future of entrepreneurial success and environmental responsibility.
Ignite your passion, start early, and drive towards a future where your dreams become reality. The road to success is waiting—are you ready to take the wheel? Join the START EARLY campaign and be the architect of your destiny.

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Self-Employment Workshops in association with State governments are organise at various District Employment Offices to appraise the youth about opportunities in automobile sector.

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