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Automatic Driving Training Centre (ADTC)

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About Automatic Driving Training Centre (ADTC)

At eVAHAN, everyone deserves the confidence and freedom that comes with knowing how to drive safely and responsibly. Our Automatic Driving Training Centre (ADTC) is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a competent and responsible driver, empowering you to hit the road quickly. It is a specialized facility that offers comprehensive training programs and resources to individuals seeking to obtain driving licenses or improve their driving skills. These centers are accredited by regulatory authorities and adhere to specific standards and guidelines to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their training programs.

Types of Driving Training Centers

At an ADTC, learners receive theoretical and practical instruction on various aspects of driving, including traffic rules and regulations, vehicle mechanics, defensive driving techniques, and more. These centers typically offer a range of training programs tailored to different types of vehicles, driving conditions, and skill levels. There are 4 types of Driving Training Centers:


IDTR (Institute of Driving Training & Research)

Specialized institutes offering comprehensive driving training and research facilities.


RDTC (Regional Driving Training Centre)

Regional centers providing driving training services tailored to local needs and regulations.


DTC (Driving Training Centre)

Standard driving training centers offering basic and advanced driving courses.


ADTC (Accredited Driving Training Centre)

Accredited centers recognized for their adherence to quality standards and effective driving instruction.

ADTCs promote road safety by equipping drivers with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to navigate roads safely and responsibly. They also contribute to reducing road accidents and fatalities by fostering a culture of responsible driving behavior and adherence to traffic laws.

What We Provide

Infrastructure Development
  • Design and construct purpose-built training facilities tailored to your ADTC requirements.
  • Planning and layout optimization for efficient use of space and resources.
Equipment Procurement and Installation
  • Sourcing and installation of essential equipment for driving instruction, including simulators, vehicles, and training aids.
  • Calibration and testing of equipment to meet regulatory standards and ensure optimal performance.
Compliance and Accreditation Support
  • Guidance on meeting regulatory requirements and accreditation standards for operating an ADTC.
  • Assistance with documentation and paperwork to streamline the accreditation process.
Curriculum Development and Training Programs
  • Design and implement specialized training programs for different vehicle types, driving conditions, and skill levels.
  • Incorporation of theoretical and practical modules covering traffic rules, vehicle mechanics, defensive driving techniques, and more.
Instructor Training
  • Training programs for driving instructors to enhance their teaching skills and proficiency.
  • Workshops and seminars on best practices in driving instruction, communication, and customer service.
Operational Setup and Management
  • Guidance on setting up administrative processes, scheduling, and resource management for efficient ADTC operations.
  • Implementation of technology solutions for student enrollment, scheduling, and performance tracking.
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