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About eVAHAN

eVAHAN® is a new-age automobile maintenance start-up. Working with a vision to transform the unorganized vehicle maintenance market using new-age technology, eVAHAN delivers top-notch services ranging from vehicle servicing to renewing mandatory vehicle certificates and providing expert driving lessons at unbelievably affordable prices. Our global partners have done pioneering work in partnership with the Indian automotive industry in the field of engine development & instrumentation. Our partners have played a leading role with automobile manufacturing companies in setting & meeting goals on vehicular emission norms in line with European and global legislation through engine development, testing, & Instrumentation systems.

We at eVAHAN aren't just another automotive service provider. We're your trusted companions on the road, ensuring a smooth and worry-free journey for you and your vehicle. Founded with a vision to revolutionize car care, we combine technology with dedicated professionals to deliver exceptional service at affordable prices.

Our Vision

Our vision is rooted in innovation. We envision a future where vehicle maintenance is not a chore but an experience seamlessly integrating with modern lifestyles. Through our relentless pursuit of technological advancements and strategic partnerships, we strive to set new standards in the automotive industry, fostering a culture of efficiency and sustainability.

Our Mission

To make car ownership stress-free and enjoyable. We achieve this by providing comprehensive services under one roof, from routine maintenance to emergency assistance. Whether ensuring vehicles comply with mandatory regulations or providing expert guidance to aspiring drivers, we are dedicated to facilitating safe, smooth, and enjoyable travels for all. Through our comprehensive range of services, we aim to cater to the diverse needs of vehicle owners, offering convenience, reliability, and peace of mind at every step.

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iAUTO Ventures Private Limited

(A Joint Venture of VKARE Retail Ventures Private Limited and FDL Services, United Kingdom)

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eVSK Business Models

eVAHAN®️, is inviting applications to own and operate eVAHAN Suvidha Kendra, Government Approved Online pollution check centres. These centres will be placed at petrol pumps and shops in high footfall areas, these centres will be allotted Pin code wise on first come first basis. The eligible candidates will be considered for allotment of eVAHAN Suvidha Kendra on various investment models. eVAHAN®️ will provide all necessary system/infrastructure to start the centre, The models are designed to ensure attractive returns.

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We work closely with high reputed brand to deliver best in class services to our franchises and customers.

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We are hiring Mechanical Engineers for the post of Centre Managers.

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We believe in building trust and relationships with our customers. Our team is passionate about cars and committed to providing personalized attention and expert advice. We're transparent about our services and pricing so that you can confidently make informed decisions.


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