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E-Vahan is a group of vehicle wellness centers spread across a number of cities in India. We run by the purpose of making vehicle maintenance easy for users by delivering top-notch services. Whether it is about keeping your paperwork intact or just getting your vehicle fitness levels intact we take care of it all!

automotiveAt E-Vahan, you can get easy and fast PUC Certification, Motor Vehicle Insurance, eco-friendly washing, Vehicle Service, Accessories eStore and Verified Drivers. You can also pick quirky accessories for your vehicle from our accessories e-store.

We aim at maintaining a resourceful database of our customers to ensure your vehicle insurance, PUC certifications and vehicle fitness checks are never overdue. So, by enrolling with us, you can avoid challans and fines that can be levied on you because of your vehicle’s condition.

With our fast and efficient services, you can save a lot of your time that is otherwise wasted by waiting in long queues. The world is turning smart, and so should your vehicle wellness solutions! So, don’t sit back, get in touch with us today and choose hassle-free solutions for the maintenance of your vehicles.

We also offer dealership to interested parties. If you’re interested in learning about the franchise opportunities of E-vahan, you can learn more about them, here .


  • Time-saving
  • Improved customer support
  • Real-time notifications regarding renewals
  • Safe and secure
  • Convenient
  • Eco-friendly vehicle washing service


  • I heard about E-Vahan from a friend and I was really amused by their idea of vehicle service and wellness. I registered with them and now I am enjoying their services with great satisfaction! My car has been in the best condition throughout these months. – Dilraj
  • E-Vahan turned out to be a great service for me. I contacted them for a car wash and ended up availing all of their services because they are really doing a great job! I love the idea of reminders being sent to me whenever the due date for my car insurance or PUC certificate are nearing. Helps me keep track! – Sanyam
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